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St. John-Endicott Cooperative Schools
St. John-Endicott Cooperative Schools
St. John, Washington, United States
7 days ago
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Building & Safety



·       Participate with school administrators and staff in implementing district school health program in your schools.

·       Establish procedures for the provision of professional nursing care, including emergency first aid treatment for student illness and injury occurring in school or while the student is under jurisdiction of the school.

·       Establish procedures for the assessment of student health needs and develop individual health/emergency care plans for students with life-threatening medical conditions, acute or chronic conditions, including training of unlicensed staff in the care of students.

·       Complete state mandated programs including but not limited to, vision and hearing screenings, immunization program, and provision of health care in multiple school settings. 

·       Implement established district record keeping procedures for confidential student health records.

·       Assess the physical and emotional health of students within the scope of the school nurse practice; initiate referrals for diagnosis and treatment of identified health needs; communicate health concerns as appropriate.

·       Train and supervise unlicensed school staff in the provision of nursing services and procedures that can by law be delegated to unlicensed school staff: such as medication administration, intermittent catheterization, tube feedings, etc.

·       Train all designated building staff regarding individual student needs and mandated health trainings, i.e., anaphylaxis, asthma, diabetes, BBP, AEDs, immunization updates (if requested by director of health services).

·       Participate as a nurse consultant at school meetings (multi-disciplinary teams and student study teams) at the building level to assess student health status, interpret medical records and make recommendations for IEP programs to meet the health needs of individual students.

·       Act as liaison between schools, families and the medical community.

·       Identify and address excessive student absences that are health related.

·       Collaborate with and report to Whitman County Public Health regarding the control of communicable diseases and immunizations for your schools.

·       Prepare and submit reports for the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) and the State Board of Health as requested by the director of health services.

·       Evaluate and monitor the school environment for health and safety hazards.

·       Assist with the development and implementation of the Health Education Curriculum, with the goal of meeting the needs of all children and integrating health concepts into the general education curriculum.

·       Provide health instruction in the classroom as requested and approved by the principal.

·       Coordinate inventory and ordering of first aid equipment and supplies required by the district’s insurance provider and any state/federal requirements, for your buildings.

·       Provide consultation with school district administrators, nurses, other staff, parents, outside school districts and the public regarding health issues in the school community.

·       Maintain knowledge of current laws and regulations pertaining to nursing, health care, and school/public health.

·       Provide consultation and training assistance for the health care team in each building.

·       Demonstrate open, clear communication, a positive, caring attitude, and the ability to work with students, staff and parents.

·       Assist in upholding and enforcing school rules, administrative regulations, and board policies and procedures.



·       Registered nurse (RN) license to practice in the state of Washington.

·       School nursing experience preferred.

·       Current First Aid/CPR/AED certification.

·       Demonstrates mature behavior and ability to use sound judgment in working with parents, students, staff and community.

·       Possesses a high degree of energy and the ability to multi-task.

·       Demonstrates a high level of competence in written (computer) and oral communication.

Applications:     Classified job application, 3 letters of recommendation, resume, and cover letter, due June 30th


Submit completed applications to:

St. John/Endicott School District                       

ATTN: Janelle Kelley

301 W Nob Hill Rd

St. John, WA 99171

Job ID: 73765120

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